Come Try Our Raw Bar Buffet in Coconut Creek, FL

October 5, 2016

Raw Bar Boca Raton, FL When thinking of a traditional raw bar, a buffet doesn’t often come to mind. However, SanTo’s has created the perfect mix and combined all of the positive attributes of a raw bar and all of the positive attributes of a buffet and created a raw bar buffet in Coconut Creek, FL. It is hard to imagine the two combined, but that is because you have to see it to believe it.

SanTo’s American Sushi Bar has broken all the rules when it comes to a standard raw bar, but that is because Santos is anything but standard. By taking all of the fresh and delicious items at a raw bar and providing them to the public in a neat and clean buffet style gives everyone the ability to at least try the raw bar’s essentials. The raw bar buffet in Coconut Creek, FL offers snow crab, oysters, clams, mussels, and cocktail shrimp.

While some people indulge in raw sushi, others may have never been introduced to the culture of a raw bar. SanTo’s provides an open environment with many food options so everyone can eat what they have a taste for. All of our food is prepared with the freshest ingredients available in Florida, especially our raw bar buffet!

Many people are drawn to our raw bar buffet in Coconut Creek, FL because our food is always rotated and available when our customers want it. There is no wait and you don’t have to spend hours deciding exactly what you want! Everything is laid in front of you, so you could try a little of everything if you decided to.

Our all you can eat raw bar buffet is open lunch through dinner. SanTo’s is the perfect place that serves traditional American fare, seafood, and a raw bar sushi buffet in a modern and trendy environment. Stop in for yourself and see what we have to offer! We hope to provide all of our customers a place to eat, drink, and live!