A Beginner’s Guide for Sushi in Coral Springs

June 8, 2020

Whether you love traditional sushi rolls, or you’re interested in the more authentic sashimi and nigiri, it can be hard to know what you’re really drawn to unless you understand the terminology and what to expect. There’s nothing scarier than going to a sushi restaurant, and not knowing what anything means, or what you’re getting yourself into. You might order one thing, and realize that it wasn’t what you wanted! Fortunately, at SanTo’s Buffet, we’re here to give you a beginner’s guide to the world of sushi. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Then, rest at ease knowing that you’ll be the most knowledgeable at the next sushi restaurant you attend! 


The Art of Sushi in Coral Springs 

The reason so many people are drawn to sushi is because of its delicate and delicious textures and flavors. In Japan, sushi is an art form. Chefs take a long while to ensure that even the smallest bite is perfect and ready to go. In the United States, sushi has become less about the art and more-so about the overall experience. Yet, that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t appreciate the beauty of sushi as an art form, no matter where they are in the world. 


All sushi restaurants are different, so your experiences are going to be different from place to place. There are a few things, however, that are going to be similar no matter where you’re at. First, you’ll receive a plate with sushi rolls or chopped sushi. Then, you’ll receive a pair of chopsticks. You’ll also receive a small dish for soy sauce, which is primarily used for dipping the sushi rolls. The rice around the roll soaks in the liquid, adding a level of salt to the mix. If you can’t use chopsticks, there’s no need to worry. Eating with your hands is acceptable in most places. 


Sushi often comes with a few wonderful side dishes, including miso soup, egg rolls, or a ginger salad. Alongside sushi rolls and nigiri are the basic accompaniments, including ginger slices and wasabi. Wasabi, though it is green like mint, is actually quite hot. The ginger is used to cleanse your pallet as you go so that you can take in the freshness of the next dish with its full flavors. 


The Steps 

If you’re looking for the direct steps that go into truly enjoying your sushi experience, follow these next eight tips. 


  1. Watch as your plate of sushi comes from your waitress or waiter. If your sushi is a carousel-style of buffet style, then you’ll need to choose your own. 
  2. Add soy sauce to your plate. 
  3. Dip the sushi into the soy sauce. If you want extra soy sauce, simply leave the piece in the sauce for longer. One thing to be careful of, however, is ensuring that the rice doesn’t absorb so much that it begins to fall apart. If you want an added kick to your soy sauce, as a dash of wasabi. 
  4. Eat the sushi! If you’re eating nigiri or sashimi, you’ll want to eat it within one bite. Rolls, however, are diced into smaller pieces, which can take longer to work through. 
  5. While you’re eating your sushi, don’t forget to truly enjoy the flavors that come through! Again, these sushi rolls are a work of art, and they should be treated as such. 
  6. A traditional drink that pairs perfectly with sushi is sake. If you’re drinking sake, now is a great time to take a tip. 
  7. Now comes the ginger on your plate. If you’re eating multiple types of sushi, take a bite of ginger in between each bite. This will help to cleanse your pallet, allowing you to taste the next bite with all of its wonderfulness. 
  8. Keep this process up, and you’ll be full and happy by the time you’ve finished! 


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