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Four Ways to Mindfully Enjoy Your Sunday Brunch in Boca Raton

July 20, 2019

Mindfully enjoying anything isn’t something most Americans are taught to do. In fact, most of America was taught to rush and never to enjoy. However, studies are showing more and more how beneficial it can be to really absorb an experience, soaking in the details to make it memorable. At SanTo’s Buffet, we know one of our client’s favorite meals is brunch. Brunch is the meal on the weekends that people get to really relish in. It’s the first meal of the weekend! Everyone wants to sit back and relax! In this article, we’ll give you four helpful ways to make sure you’re mindfully experiencing your Sunday brunch in Boca Raton.

Appreciate the Presentation of Your Sunday Brunch in Boca Raton

Often when our food arrives, we’re too busy thinking about what we’re doing later or what we’re going to say next, but what if we really soaked in the presentation of our dishes? At SanTo’s Buffet, we put a lot of effort into making sure our dishes are beautiful and presentable. Taking time to appreciate the delicate elements can actually make you enjoy your meal more!

Put Your Utensils Down

Another habit we have is to keep our utensils in our hands between bites. This, of course, speeds up our time between swallowing and our next bite, but it doesn’t allow one to savor. Have you ever been eating and you’re not sure how you finished your meal so quickly? If so, you’re not the only one! Millions of people experience this. Yet, it’s beneficial to put down the fork and pick it up only when you’re ready for your next bite. Take your time!

Don’t Forget to Breathe

Studies show that the more you breathe when you eat, the tastier your food will be. This is because breathing allows your taste buds to absorb more, and your body to react a little slower. You mind can also rest in order for you to truly place your attention on that next bite, the next taste, and the next texture. Sometimes we become so distracted that we barely remember what our food tasted like and felt like until afterwards!

Take in the Moment

Last, but not least, take time to use all of your senses to fully take in the experience of your brunch. Smell the aroma of the location and of your breakfast. Hear the music or the sounds of the chitchat around you. Absorb the ambiance, presentation, and the people near you. Make a memory of this moment because life can pass quite quickly and it’s nice to have some memorable times!

If you’re looking for Sunday brunch in Boca Raton that will give you something special to smile about and remember, call SanTo’s Buffet today. We’re one of the top locations in the area for brunch, especially with our classic American favorites. Brunch is a wonderful event and it should be celebrated with either yourself or those you love! Call us today at 561-923-9378.