SanTo’s Buffet Luscious Take-Out Near Me Options

October 3, 2018

At SanTo’s Buffet, we pride ourselves in being a different kind of buffet. We are well aware of the bad reputation of buffets, but you can trust that we are the exception. SanTo’s menu is filled with delectable options for lunch and dinner, ready for take-out. So, when looking for “Take Out Near Me”, it’s always good to know that you can now have a bite of our wide selection of sushi plates as well as our original American dishes in the comfort of your home.  

Taking Home Our Delicious Plates

After a busy day at work or school, you may just want to go home and enjoy an exquisite dish in the comfort of your couch, sitting in front of the TV watching your favorite show or with a group of friends at your dining table. So, in that instant when you hop on your car and pull out your phone to search Take-Out Near Me options, many times you are bombarded with a plethora of restaurants that may have tons of choices for you to choose from, but that are not quite as appetizing as SanTo’s Buffet options. 

We have made it easy for you to have world-class dishes in the familiar atmosphere of your home. Our Take-Out Options include various tasty and gourmet dishes: 

  • Salads  
  • Soups 
  • Sushi 
  • Hot entrées  
  • Brunches 
  • Grill & carving 

Tempting Lunch & Dinner Options

When you visit SanTo’s Buffet, you can expect to enjoy a great deal of mouth-watering foods for great prices.  

  • Lunch: $9.99/lb 
  • Dinner: $11.99/lb 

Although we do not include clams, oysters and dessert in our take-out menu, you are free to enjoy everything else. And trust me there’s plenty to savor! Plus, you can always come into our buffet and grab a bite of any of these dishes.  

Our amazing prices will leave you gasping

  • Brunch is only $5 per item 
  • Snow crab legs are just $16.99/lb 
  • And wait for it! Wait for it! Sashimi is only $2.00 per piece.  

Chicken Veggie/Miso Soup for Take-Out

If you are feeling melancholic and would love to enjoy a soup reminiscent of the chicken broth soup your grandmother used to make for you, then you’re just in luck!  

  • For $3.95 you can bask in the taste and fabulous smell of a small serving of chicken veggie/miso soup. 
  • And if a small one just won’t do it for you, there’s always the option to go large for just $7.95. What do you think about that?! 

Lobster Bisque Soup for Take-Out

Now, if you are one of those people who is always on the lookout for a deliciously tasting lobster bisque soup, don’t wait any longer! When you look up Take-Out Near Me, you will be delighted to find out that you can take this amazing dish home

  • Small serving for just $6.50  
  • Large serving for just $12.00 to enjoy in the comfort of your living room. 

Sushi Boats

And if you’re just dying to enjoy a great tasting sushi boat with friends and family during a party or family celebration, well with a deposit in advance, you can get the party started anytime! 

So, pop up during our business hours and pick up our delicious cuisine options to enjoy at home ! When you search for Take-Out Near Me, expect only the best quality foods from SanTo’s. We’re waiting for you! Just call us at (561) 923- 9378 for our Boca Raton location, or (954) 971-6882 for our Coconut Creek shop. At SanTo’s Buffet, we promise to satisfy your cravings!