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the 411 on The Best Raw Bar in Coconut Creek

June 29, 2020

You’ve probably heard of a Raw Bar before in your lifetime, but if you don’t regularly frequent them, you might not know what to expect. A raw bar in Coconut Creek servers raw seafood and oysters. Sometimes, it’s only a small selection, while other times, the whole restaurant is catered to a raw bar atmosphere. Often times, there is a wide variety of seafood with various types of preparations. In this article, the experts at SanTo’s Buffet are here to help you know what to expect when you visit our raw bar next! 


Branch Out with a Raw Bar in Coconut Creek 

First and foremost, it’s important to know that there’s no reason to be intimidated. Everyone has to visit a raw bar once, and when they do, they never know what they’re doing! That’s precisely why we created this guide. When trying oysters, there are many types to choose from. Some are buttery, savory, and crispy. Sometimes, they are sweet. Some oysters are large and some are small. If an oyster is sweeter, then chances are it comes from bays or creeks. If an oyster is saltier, chances are it’s from salt or freshwater. Additionally, different regions produce different types of oysters. 


If you notice that oysters are different sizes, you’d be correct! Again, this depends on the origin of the oyster. West Coast oysters tend to be bigger, and they have a stronger taste. East Coast oysters tend to be smaller, and they are a bit tamer in taste. It all depends on what you’re drawn to, and what you like. When you’re visiting a raw bar for the first time, it’s important that you feel free to try everything and make decisions about what you would and would not try again. 


When eating oysters, there are many sauces and garnishes to accompany the taste. Often, you’ll see seasoned oysters, which do not need garnishes. This way, you’ll be able to taste the full flavor of the oyster itself. We recommend trying each oyster without garnishes, just so that you understand what the stand-alone flavor is. Some of the most popular garnishes are lemon, cocktail sauces, horseradish, and mignonette sauce. The mignonette sauce is a red wine vinegar, minced shallots, and a bit of black pepper. Sometimes, people will enjoy a bit of spice as well, as they’re looking for a way to add a kick to the otherwise subdued taste of oysters. 


Now, what do you do when you’re done and you have a whole plate of empty oyster shells? Some individuals flip their shells upside down to show that they’re empty, while others place them in another bowl. Either way, you’ll want to save your shells! Sometimes, restaurants will recycle the shells and throw them back into the oceans, where they re-add value back into their original aquatic environments. 


At SanTo’s Buffet, we pride ourselves on offering one of the best raw bars in Coconut Creek. We believe that all people should have access to delicious seafood, and fortunately, we live in one of the best areas to provide such a service. If you’re interested in ordering carry out, enjoy 20% any dine-in or take-out orders! Contact our team today at 954-971-6882 and experience your first raw bar or your hundredth! Either way, we know you’ll have a wonderful time.

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