The Best Sushi Buffet in Boca Raton

July 5, 2019

Buffets are the perfect way to sample a variety of new foods without paying for a separate meal. What could be simpler—just pay one price and you can try everything in sight once, twice or three times to your heart’s content. They say variety is the spice of life and at Santo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi in Boca Raton, the choices are interesting and plentiful. The amazing chefs and sous-chefs behind the sushi bar handcraft each sushi roll with skill providing each guest with the freshest quality and what’s more, an attractive presentation. The sushi delicacies abound such as the mouth-watering colorful lobster rolls and spicy Mexican taco rolls to fan favorites like eel rolls and California rolls. Why not accompany them with a wonton or egg drop soup or a sampling of delectable Sashimi and edamame. At Santos Sushi Buffet in Boca Raton you can feast on over twenty sushi rolls and specialty rolls. And, if your finicky youngster isn’t quite sushi ready, there are a number of familiar dishes like chicken nuggets, fries, fried wontons and a variety of soups to placate his or her discerning palette.

Contemporary and Inviting Environment

Upon entry, one of our friendly hostesses will great you and seat you immediately. Don’t worry if there is sometimes a short wait—our sushi buffet in Boca Raton is so popular that you’ll soon see the short wait was worth it. Our restaurant environment is family oriented yet sophisticated and modern with comfortable tables and booths to accommodate couples, families and even larger parties. Plus, we want you to celebrate your special occasion with us! Santos can whip you up a delectable menu that is sure to please all of your guests. Santos is the perfect venue for a birthday, graduation, wedding anniversary or a baby shower.

Sage Advice for Dining at a Sushi Buffet in Boca Raton:

-Don’t’ starve yourself before. Eat a light meal. Even though it’s an all you can eat buffet, gorging yourself will only result in a stomach ache and ruin your sushi buffet experience.

-Try a variety of things so you get the most for your money. Santos has Chinese and American meal options as well as grilled meats and tempura to choose from.

-Be polite –don’t take seven pieces of the same sushi roll if others are waiting behind you.

-Do tip the sushi chefs and smile at them. They work hard for their money and it takes skill to make you the most delectable sushi in town!

-Lastly, leave room for a scrumptious dessert or two!

Try SanTo’s Buffet for the Best Sushi in Boca Raton

Stop by SanTo’s Buffet for lunch or dinner—you’ll be glad you did. We not only have the most delectable sushi buffet in Boca Raton, but also a scrumptious salad bar, tasty soups, a raw bar, hot entrees, and grilled meat carvings. And don’t forget to save room for our delicious desserts and ice cream. For more information about our menu or catering options, contact Santo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi, the best sushi buffet in Boca Raton at (561) 923-9378.