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Have You Tried the New American Buffet in Coconut Creek?

February 20, 2017

When you visit a restaurant, you should remember the food, service, and environment. The overall experience should be memorable, and at SanTo’s Modern American Buffet we provide the best experience around. We are dedicated to offering the most flavorful sushi and American dishes to our clients whenever they stop in. Our food is constantly rotated on the hour and is prepared fresh. If you are interested in our food, the environment will even further impress you.

What Does SanTo’s Offer That I Can’t Find Anywhere Else?

With a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, SanTo’s is a place you can visit whenever you would like. Whether you are interested in having a night out on the town, or a simple dinner with your loved ones, we welcome everyone. Our staff provides excellent customer service and is responsive to everyone’s needs. Every time you visit SanTo’s you can be sure to receive the same excellent service, food, and environment every time. We love meeting new faces just as much as seeing our returning customers, so feel free to bring family and friends and enjoy brunch or dinner.

We try to provide a different experience than any other American buffet in Coconut Creek. With a large variety of menu options that range from snow crabs, oysters, churrasco, and prime rib you can taste a little bit of everything or indulge in your favorite food. Did we mention that we offer over 20 rolls of sushi for your dining pleasure?

Our buffet is the perfect place to indulge in all you can eat sushi, shellfish, American fare, fresh desserts, and customized cocktails. We invite you to join us for a delicious meal you have never experienced before. Make sure you come hungry so you can take advantage of our affordable and delectable American buffet in Coconut Creek!