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Want Sushi in Coral Springs? Visit SanTo’s Modern Buffet & Sushi

May 9, 2018

May is here, and that means high school and college classes are wrapping up. For those who are graduating soon, this special time marks the end of one chapter in their lives and the beginning of another exciting part. It is important to celebrate the milestone of receiving a degree. If you, your friend or family member is graduating this spring and you love sushi in Coral Springs, check out to SanTo’s Modern Buffet & Sushi.

Try delicious sushi in Coral Springs as you’ve never experienced before

SanTo’s Modern Buffet & Sushi, at our Coconut Creek or Boca Raton locations, is a perfect spot for a graduation party, especially for sushi lovers. From California rolls to the spicy tuna, our chefs provide fresh, delicious options every day. The extensive salad bar is one of several choices for vegetarian diners. Each morning and throughout the day, everything from the seasoned sushi to the soup is meticulously hand prepared to guarantee freshness that guests will savor in every bite.

The experienced chefs at SanTo’s Modern Buffet & Sushi also prepare a wide variety of entrees with Asian and American roots including salads, a grill and carving station, raw bar oysters, and much more. Because we are a buffet, you can try as many different entrees as you like. Regardless of how much food you sample, you will want to leave room for some of our mouthwatering desserts.

If you travel to South Florida to attend a graduation, we hope you enjoy your visit. When you are looking for sushi in Coral Springs, please visit SanTo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi. Our relaxed, contemporary atmosphere will make you feel right at home. The locations in Coconut Creek and Boca Raton have something for everyone — even picky eaters. Your incredible meal is a terrific way to celebrate your graduation.