Sushi Brunch Coconut Creek

What is a Raw Bar?

January 3, 2017

There are many raw bars in Coconut Creek. Everyone appreciates the idea of fresh food, especially with all the food trends today. Getting the most vitamins and benefits from food has become popular and eating “clean” has increased. Foods such as vegetables and some seafood has been known to be better for you without cooking it. This is one of the reasons raw bars have become so popular lately.

How Are Raw Bars Different Than Traditional Restaurants?

A Raw Bar is known to offer sushi dishes and untraditional options that you won’t find at every restaurant. This specialty menu brings in those who have a distinct love for the uncooked fish and those who are interested in trying something new. The exotic appeal is great for business depending on the dynamics of the surrounding community.

SanTo’s is a Modern American Buffet that offers a raw bar in Coconut Creek. Because Coconut Creek doesn’t only have one dynamic to reach, we try to reach them all. With our raw bar, we can reach those who enjoy living on the edge and trying the untraditional options. Because we are a raw bar buffet, we are even more un traditional than a regular raw bar!

Our buffet is great for those who enjoy great food for a deal. We have many traditional options that everyone can enjoy. Whether you have children who are finicky when it comes to food, or individuals with allergies, we try to make sure our buffet meets everyone’s needs. We even have a large salad bar for those who are vegetarian and vegan!

Because food safety is highly important for raw bars, all the food in SanTo’s is prepared, kept, and held at the highest of standards. Many buffets are associated with uncleanliness, but we are pristine when it comes to the standards and protocols of food safety. Visiting our restaurant in Coconut Creek is truly a unique experience! Once you come in for yourself, you will know what we are talking about.

If you are interested in learning more about the food we offer, look at our website or give us a call at (954) 971-6882. Stop in for lunch or dinner and enjoy our myriad of food options. You won’t believe your eyes! Feel free to come in alone or in large groups, we have many options for seating!