What Makes a Great Raw Bar in Boca Raton?

August 12, 2015

Seafood lovers in Boca Raton are a different breed. They refuse to settle for anything less than the best. That’s because everything has to be fresh. There are few groups of people more passionate about seafood than those who enjoy oysters, sushi and shellfish. It’s why raw bars have become some of the most popular places to dine in South Florida. When most people look for a great raw bar in Boca Raton, they don’t typically expect to find it at a sushi buffet. But it’s one of the many delicious surprises you will find at SanTo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi.Raw Bar Boca Raton, FL

To provide a great raw bar experience, it’s important to offer the best selection of fresh oysters, sushi and shellfish. When it comes to variety and selection, it’s hard to beat the hottest sushi buffet in Boca Raton. SanTo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi takes seafood dinning to another level. As a buffet restaurant, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy all-you-can-eat sushi in Boca Raton at affordable prices. But what separates SanTo’s from other sushi buffet restaurants is its unique American flair. The restaurant’s raw bar in Boca Raton also has an amazing selection oysters which are freshly shucked ready to be enjoyed. Enjoy your oysters, sushi, crab legs, shrimp, clams, scallops, muscles and much more with variety of delicious mouth-watering cocktail sauces guaranteed to satisfy.

A great raw bar in Boca Raton requires more than just the freshest seafood and shellfish. It’s important to compliment your meal with a beverage, such as wine or sake. What better place to enjoy these drinks than at a sushi buffet in Boca Raton? Enjoy the finest brands of authentic Japanese sake along with a great selection of wine and spirits. SanTo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi offers the unique combination of tradition Japanese food with a distinct American flair.

Finally, you want to choose a raw bar in Boca Raton with a great atmosphere. Oysters and sushi are fun foods to eat. Oysters are even said to be aphrodisiacs. They’re always popular in a social setting. SanTo’s is the perfect place to enjoy lunch or dinner, whether you’re with your family or your closest friends. In a short amount of the time SanTo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi has quickly become those hottest buffet restaurant in Boca Raton. We know you have high expectations from a raw bar in Boca Raton. Come and see for yourself why SanTo’s is the new destination in Boca Raton for fine seafood dining.