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What to Know About Sushi in Coral Springs

February 20, 2020

If you’ve never been to a sushi bar, chances are you’re a little intimidated. If so, you’re not alone. Sushi is a strange concept for those who grew up on traditional American foods, such as hotdogs, hamburgers, and pizzas! However, if you’ve been thinking of branching outside of your comfort zone, you might enjoy sushi in Coral Springs at SanTo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi! In this article, we’ve put a list together of all of the terms you’ll need to know before your big night out!   

 The Basics of Sushi in Coral Springs   

First and foremost, let’s get to the basics of what sushi is, where it originates from, and what makes it one of the most popular menu items in the United States. Originally, sushi came from Japan. Now, sushi is a mainstream option that can be found in grocery stores or local stores on every street corner. In fact, you can even order sushi at your home! Essentially, sushi is raw fish. At times, this fish is served over a ball of rice, or it comes mixed with other vegetables, rice mixes, ginger, and wasabi. There are many types of sushi options, and each comes with its unique flare and flavor.   

Sushi Terminology     

When you go to a sushi restaurant, you’re going to see that there are plenty of words that won’t look familiar. The world of sushi is a unique one, and many terms can be confusing at first. Sashimi, for example, is not technically sushi. It’s a fish that is served with rice, and it comes in thin slices that are occasionally placed with rice. Most people put these raw pieces in soy sauce and enjoy them as they are! Nigiri is similar but always comes with a hand-rolled ball of rice underneath the sushi slices. This is one of the most popular options for those that want to truly try something raw.   

Maki is a cut rolled sushi, which means that it is wrapped with nori paper and comes in a roll of rice. Using a bamboo mat, sushi makers will synch the entire roll together in a tight bond. Inside of the roll is raw fish, vegetables, and more. There are small rolls and big rolls, and endless flavors and combinations.   

 When it comes to rolls, there are a few traditional favorites including California rolls, tempura rolls, spicy tuna rolls, and a dragon roll. A California roll is avocado, imitation crab, and cucumber. A tempura roll has fried shrimp but comes with some of the same ingredients as a California roll. A spicy tuna roll is what it sounds like, but it is tuna that is mixed with spicy mayonnaise! A dragon roll is essentially a tempura roll but comes with avocado slices wrapping the exterior of the roll. These are just a few of the classic favorites.   


At SanTo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi, we pride ourselves on offering numerous sushi rolls, from classics to interesting! It depends how adventurous you are, but with SanTo’s, you can rest at ease knowing that there are options for everyone. If sushi isn’t what you’re looking for, you can indulge in our traditional, American favorites. With our unique combinations, we’ve become a restaurant that seemingly tailors to all friends and family members, even the picky ones! Contact SanTo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi in Coral Springs today at (954) 971-6882 or feel free to swing by our restaurant at 4690 N State Road 7 Suite 106, Coconut Creek, FL 33073. We can’t wait to serve you!   

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